Wood Lacrosse Sticks

Wood Lacrosse Sticks

Women’s Traditional Lacrosse Stick Review

Today, we’re going to review the brand new Women’s Lacrosse Stick from Traditional Lacrosse.



For the last couple of years, no one’s been making women’s sticks. Hattersley’s was an English company that was making them and the last sticks were the Challengers, which were quality sticks with unique sidewall structures. Traditional Lacrosse wanted to fill that void and make sure that the women’s game still had support and still got to have an outlet for a traditional women’s stick. In addition to that, women’s sticks are actually still legal in many forms of play. If you’d like to find out, bypass your coach and ask a referee directly.

These were made to specs from the US Lacrosse Rulebook. They have a polyurethane sidewall which is actually better because it doesn’t get as temperamental in the weather. This is probably the 4th or 5th rendition of this stick, so it’s made more in the likeness of a Patterson. Patterson was a famous stick maker in the 70s and made a large portion of the women’s lacrosse sticks from that time. The reason we went with that model is because it’s very popular and very common to find used sticks made by Patterson. The profile shape and the gutwall placement of this women’s lacrosse stick are both reminiscent of that style.

The main difference between the men’s stick and the women’s stick is that the frame is thinner in order to take the weight down. In addition, the shaft is much thinner than a modern women’s lacrosse stick, and that’s to run in line with the Patterson sticks, so it’s a much more traditional feel. It does carry the ball better than most people expect, but obviously, it’s not going to have as much hold, so there’s a trade-off on everything, but if you’re playing with this stick, it’s likely for the nostalgia of playing with something from the past.

These are available on woodlacrossesticks.com, and I am very proud of Traditional Lacrosse for producing what, at this current time, is the only women’s lacrosse stick in production. Until next time, thank you for watching woodlacrossesticks.com. Take care. Keep  laxin’.

1912 Lacrosse Trading Cards

Sports and advertising have gone hand in hand for centuries. Companies of all types have aligned themselves with different sports teams to promote their products. Look no further than these lacrosse trading cards from 1912 for proof!

The other day, we stumbled across a product even we hadn’t known about. Turns out that in the early 1910s, Imperial Tobacco Canada released a series of cigarette cards featuring the premiere lacrosse players of the day. And yes, I said Imperial Tobacco.

Featuring names like Newsy Lalonde, Mickey Ions, and Clint Benedict, these vintage collectibles represent a bygone era, not just in Canadian Lacrosse, but in sports marketing in general. These days, we’d never see a sponsor like this, but back then, it wasn’t out of place for a tobacco company to sponsor athletes.

Recently, a newly ignited interest in cards of the type has led to their resurgence on different online shopping sites. Each black and white card includes an image of the player, their name, and their team, with New Westminster, Ottawa, and Tecumseh being featured among others. Pictured below is a selection of the 50 card set of 1912 C61 Imperial Tobacco Black and White Lacrosse Cards.

Those interested in vintage collectibles, as well as lacrosse memorabilia, could appreciate this slice of history. It goes without saying that Canada has a deep, storied history with the sport of lacrosse, and items like these help flesh out our views of the sport during the turn of the century. Luckily, with Upper Deck releasing its own line of MLL cards, the production and collection of lacrosse trading cards is a tradition that still lives on to this day.

3 Types of The Game

A common misconception is that one form of lacrosse came from the another. There are multiple distinct forms of the game played in different geographical areas. Here are 3 types of lacrosse played across North America.  You can purchase Jim Calder’s book by clicking here.


Women’s Sticks are now Available

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My favorite thing about working on old wooden lacrosse sticks is the history they carry. Each cross comes with their own well aged story. As I rip the rotten hide out from the fragile wooden frame, I remember a time before cell phones, Instagram, and the internet. (more…)

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Haudenosaunee Wood Lacrosse Stick Expo 2014

Your garage can wait to be cleaned, hold off on washing the car, forget about mowing the lawn or making any other plans for the last Saturday and Sunday of September! Weekends can be spent doing many things, but few are more entertaining than The Haudenosaunee Wood Lacrosse Stick Expo in upstate New York.


Wood Lacrosse Stick Project

What is the Wood Lacrosse Stick Project all about?



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