HISTORY-OF-LACROSSE The History of Lacrosse and the traditional wooden lacrosse stick.


Introduction and disclaimer

I hope to write a concise history that is well sourced, but for the time being I want to make sure that the information is well presented, and that you are provided with supplemental reading material. I had something up on this page prior to this latest edit, and I thought it was an injustice to not give it proper thought and effort. I will return to this project, hopefully before I turn grey, and give it the attention it deserves. Until that time I should be providing more competent sources to individuals who are looking to learn about this great game. If anyone has anything to add in terms of sources please email me at Justin@woodlacrossesticks.com

I will begin, as is only appropriate, with the origin story of the game. It should be stated that my original link to the origin story came from the Iroquois nationals website as it was on 8/26/2020. Since then that hyperlink went down and I found something similar on Loyola Lacrosse's website. I would urge anyone who is doing their own research to cross reference this source with others. Please begin here by clicking this link and reading the origin story of the game.

I will now direct you to the current Wikipedia page for the history of the game. I made sure to read over this as of 8/6/2020 and I want to state that there are some discrepancies and phrasings I do not agree with. It should further be stated that I am not an educated historian. Please consider reading the supplemental histories (see below) before taking what is seen on this link as the final undisputed history. Click here to see the current Wikipedia page for the History of Lacrosse

These should stand as two separate accounts towards the same history. Realize that the inventors of the game have a deep theological connection to this. Always strive to be respectful. Please also note that many of the misconceptions regarding violence and the like can easily be disproved through proper research. I have often heard many young men and women say offensive things such as “I heard they killed the losers” which is, as far as I have read” untrue. I hope that your continued research and the education of those around you can help dispel these I hope that your continued research and the education of those around you can help dispel these misconceptions

I have placed supplemental reading material suggestions below. I ask that any young person who is using this as a source for a report realizes that they should dig into more accredited materials such as those listed below. One should also research information about the religious aspects of the game as a separate focus of study. I should note that from my research, academic histories of the game tend to skim over the theological importance of lacrosse to indigenous people, and a well-rounded report will require you to seek out such source material separately.

Thomas Vennum’s Lacrosse: Little Brother of War
Donald M Fisher’s Lacrosse: A History of the Game
Jim Calder’s Lacrosse: The Ancient Game
Jim Calder’s Women Play Lacrosse: A History of the International Field Game

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