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Indigenous Speakers Project | History of the Word

Indigenous Speakers Project | History of the Word

Hey, guys, this week weíve got a bit of a call to action. I need your help to do a project that Iíve been working on for some time called the Indigenous Speakers Project. My name is Justin Skaggs, and Iím a stick maker here in Philadelphia, and as part of my stick making journey, I like to research the history of lacrosse and bring it to you guys through the great people at 

You guys might remember that I did a video on the history of the word of lacrosse. That was all about the Jesuit priests and how they applied the word ďlacrosseĒ to the Indigenous game and how it propelled all the way to the modern game today. What I really want to do is take a different view of that and have all of the native words for this game represented properly. Unfortunately, I can barely pronounce words in English, let alone other languages. Trust me, we tried it. It was terrible. We took a hundred takes, and Iím just nervous Iím gonna get it wrong, so, rather than do that, Iíd like to get Native American speakers to come in and represent their people, and the word for their game right here and bring it to you guys. So, if you are a indigenous speaker and you want to be part of this project, or you know someone who you think might, please DM me at @woodlaxsticks on Instagram, or via email at

I would be really happy to work with you guys. My hope is to have this done by the end of the Winter, and in the meantime, weíre gonna be diving into the history of some lacrosse sticks, whether theyíre plastic sticks, or traditional wooden sticks to try to bring some of that to light as well. Iím really excited to have an opportunity to expand this little project that happens in my studio out to the greater lacrosse community and involve some native speakers. I think itís gonna be really fun to work with you guys, so please reach out. I look forward to it. Until then, take care and keep LAXiní.

Article Posted: 09/19/2019 03:04:02 PM

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