How I Grow the Game How I Grow the Game My guest in the wood shop today is none other than Brett Manney, the defenseman for the New England Black Wolves.
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How I Grow the Game

How I Grow the Game

There are many ways to Grow the Gameģ. Some are big, some are small. The summer of 2018 just wrapped up, and I was all over the place. I was in Lake Placid, Lake Tahoe, Israel, Egypt, Belize and a few other places.

Recently, I decided to actually sit down and count how many countries Iíve taken my sticks to. At this point in time, Iíve taken a twig to 12 countries. Itís not really something Iím setting out to do, but itís a great way to grow the game. I urge everyone traveling out there to take your stick with you, because you can really bridge a gap between their sport and grow the game of lacrosse. India had cricket. In South America, they were all about baseball. No matter where I went, there was some sort of equivalent to this type of game.

lacrosse israel justin skaggs grow the game

One thing I learned from my time at the Lake Tahoe and Lake Placid Lacrosse events was that a lot of the growth there comes from the suburbs, rather than the cities. When I was in Tahoe, I met an incredible amount of people from places like Silicon Valley and the like. One event definitely isnít enough to give a real idea of a particular demographic, but it was an interesting experience for me, learning about how people come across the game.

lacrosse puerto rico justin skaggs grow the game

It can be a bit of a hassle to travel with your sticks or gear, but itís worth it. The language barrier wasnít a problem when they saw the way I handled the stick. When people see me on a trip with my stick, it grabs their attention. If they ask me a few questions, thatís even better. If I can convince more players and enthusiasts to travel with their lacrosse sticks and do the same, then thatís a big leap in exposing the public to the history of this sport. So, just a message to the greater lacrosse community, the best way to grow the game is to put a stick in everyoneís hand all around the world.

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lacrosse egypt justin skaggs grow the game

Article Posted: 10/19/2018 11:19:39 AM

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