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Stick Stories: Frank and the Cranberry Victoria

My favorite thing about working on old wooden lacrosse sticks is the history they carry. Each cross comes with their own well aged story. As I rip the rotten hide out from the fragile wooden frame, I remember a time before cell phones, Instagram, and the internet. (more…)

Company Review by Red-Star Lacrosse

Lacrosse enthusiast Red-Star gives you the rundown on his experience with Wood Lacrosse Sticks.

Haudenosaunee Wood Lacrosse Stick Expo 2014

Your garage can wait to be cleaned, hold off on washing the car, forget about mowing the lawn or making any other plans for the last Saturday and Sunday of September! Weekends can be spent doing many things, but few are more entertaining than The Haudenosaunee Wood Lacrosse Stick Expo in upstate New York.


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